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Kiki Raina Tahiti Fete 2017

Late post! It's been a while since we blogged -- we've just had a lot going on! But we wanted to share with you our terrific experience at the Kiki Raina Tahiti Fete last March. We entered an ahuroa presentation and a number of our dancers entered solos. We are so grateful to Auntie Becky, her crew and the judges -- all of whom made our experience in Merced so memorable.

Here we are! All dressed up for our ahuroa presentation! We chose to perform to the songs Porinetia i te Po'ipo'i and Motu Uta. It celebrates Tahiti -- as it was then and as it is today!

But it takes WORK to be fabulous, right ladies?!

We were so, so lucky to have the amazing Kolohe perform with us. They are so talented and generous -- and it's always a good time when we roll with these guys.

Here are a few action shots!

Getting ready, waiting for judging -- all still super fun with this crew.

So - we took lots of photos while waiting around. Because Snapchat...

Drum roll, please... We took First Place! Wootwoot!

And here's our winning presentation!

Just look at our lovely soloists! They all performed so beautifully!

Māuruuru, Kiki Raina! Till we meet again!

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